My First Night

Just got my internet up so I am a couple of days behind. I drove into Virginia City around 8PM on the 30th, threw all my possessions into my rented without seen 8-millimeter snuff basement apartment, walked down the hill and got some Chinese food. The Chinese restaurant is the only restaurant in town open past 8:00 PM.

After fairly decent Kung Pao I went next door to Sergeant Major's bar (think walls with stapled dollar bills accessorizing with undergarments hanging from the ceiling). I met a guy named Griz who looked like Lawrence Tierney in “Reservoir Dogs”. He told me I looked like Kumar from “Harold and Kumar". I told him not to hate because I was tan and good-looking. He bought my drinks all night, showed me (and others) his ass at the Mark Twain Casino and offered up whores on him at the Kit Kat Ranch.

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