We've Only Just Begun

My landlords are a very nice gay couple who own half the town. The other night they invited me to a dinner that one of their friends was putting on.

Things I learned at the dinner.

1. I was the only straight male invited. (Women got to come).

2. Virginia City has a large (wealthy & sophisticated) gay pop.

3. My landlords and their crew drink daily copious amounts of wine.

4. Virginia City has enough naughtéy gossip to fill The Clinton Library.

5. The Carpenters “Greatest Hits” is great for man dancing.

After dinner I went to Sergeant Major’s Saloon to have a scotch, listen to some country karaoke and talk to the VC proletariat. While standing at the urinal I took these pictures.

Interesting that one sec I am discussing “La Faux Cagiles” while The Carpenters rock the casbah and ten minutes later I am taking a leak and reading "Hang Obama". There are different lifestyles, beliefs and social classes in any city. But in a town of 1,100 the disparity feels so magnified.

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