Carson City Clubbin'

Last night I went to a club in Carson City called Doppelgangers. Fucking weird. The club consisted of an outdoor parking lot with an elevated DJ booth, disco lights and a mixed nuts crowd of platinum blond 7's, Latinas wearing bottom-boob showing midriffs, soccer moms, high school football players (kids ok, if no drink), Carson City wiggas, OC muscle shirt ultimate fighters and teen couples on Accutane pushing baby strollers. Existential classics such as "I Got Five On It" and LL's "Doin' It" bumped till the break of dawn.

I started charmingly confounding a drunk rough-looking esthetician with my knowledge of waxing, microderms and acid peels. She told me she liked me, but not my attitude. As she reached over to pet my face an 80's version of Scott Glenn came by and slapped her ass. She giddily confided in me that he is in fact the 2nd Head Of Security for the club, and he likes her. I gave her two thumbs up and a snap.

Lucky for me I went with a date who kept me preoccupied all night or I would of undoubtedly made-out with
Carson High's 2nd-string QB's slutty mom and needed Scott Glenn to protect me from his starting O-Line.

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