Pierced Teats and Hell's Angels

Saturday night I went to Union Brewery for the owner's birthday party. All the girls were encouraged by their boyfriends to flash the band. One of the girls was a bit apprehensive, because the bass player was her old high school teacher. She eventually gave in to the ubiquitous crescendoing “DO IT!” chant and lifted up her shirt for five seconds of teat pierced glory. This poses the Mary Kay Letourneau question - would you flash/expose yourself to an old teacher?

Speaking of flashing, at the end of September is a three-day Sturgis-like motorcycle rally called Street Vibrations. The Hells Angels, Mongols and other gangs overrun the town. They make drink in the saloons and parade down C Street showing off their bikes, colors and mamas' mammary glands. Apparently rooftop S.W.A.T. teams are on stand by, prepped for Angel on Mongol violence. Sounds like a Walter Hill movie. I think I'm wet. Can you dig it?!

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