Labor Day Weekend

A good looking bachelorette party was in town on Saturday. They all wore low cut tank tops catered for "suck for a buck", which is basically talking guys into paying $5 to mouth grab a Tootsie Pop from their cleavage (which was very good business considering the majority were pre-op Soleil Moon Frye stacked). Unfortunate for them I always pass on PG-13-sexual hustles for money - this includes the flirty shot girls with whistles in their mouths that try and bludgeon you with neon test tubes of sour-mix/vodka, and of course the Scientology chicks that offer HJ's for personality tests. I did wind up making-out with the cute flat chested one of the group. But that’s as far as it went, thanks to their no girl left behind bachelorette-party-of-the-traveling-pants pact.

The true highlight of the weekend though was my first Civil War Reenactment. Check out the short video I made below (I know the score is a bit obvious and excessive but "Goodbye Horses" just wasn't cutting right).

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