Street Vibrations

This weekend was the much anticipated Street Vibrations Motorcycle Festival. 'Street Vibes', as the locals call it, is a Sturgis-like motorcycle rally that rolls through Virginia City, basically taking over the the town - think 10,000 bikers in a town of 900. The event sold-out hotels and brought in shit tons of cash for anyone selling libations. Along with the bikers, there were a couple thousand bead wielding tourists who made their way up with the intention of bartering for biker boobs. Basically a black leather Mardi Gras, sans coeds. There were a couple hot hardbodied biker babes, but the majority looked closer to Brett Butler.

I'd been looking forward to this weekend all summer, and to be honest it was a hair of a letdown. Don't get me wrong 'twas good times and revelry, but I wanted Sodom AND Gomorrah. And I only got Gomorrah. Unlike the NC-17/Tony Scott tales of yesteryear, there were no rooftop S.W.A.T. teams, no Hells Angels/Mongols brawl and no lessy park bench cunnilingus. I did however hookup with a cute girl sporting a two-tone dye job. I’m not sure if this oil & vinegar half blonde/half brunette look is mainly a Nevada fad or if it’s gone airborne, but it's downright trendy in these parts. As a side note the two-tone girl delivered the best pre-felatio, self-depreciating line I’ve ever heard. “I have to warn you... I’m not the best in the west at this”. Somewhere Woody Allen got his wings.

The most striking woman I saw was a CG-enhanced Spartan straight out of “300”. She had Gina Gershon’s face, Mickey Rourke’s body, Posh's over the muscle implants and long tangled stout Amazonian hair. Sounds odd I know, but I swear everyone in town was gunning for her. It takes mad game to bring down SPARTA!

I leave Wednesday, back to LA, first draft in hand. Overall it was a good last weekend. As William Hurt's character said in "The Big Chill", "He went out with a bang not a whimper."

BTW - Yusuf Islam's "... Sing Out" is meant to be quasi-endearing, not ironic.

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